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WN128 Starter Set

WN128 Starter Set is a convenient package for setting up a quick and easy STAR type network configuration.

All necessary hardware and software are provided with a sample GUI. The set can be used for the WN128 system evaluation and quick start of the structure strain measurement. It is ready to go without any software development. 
WN128 set consists of: 

  • WN128-USB Zigbee Dongle x 1

  • WN128-FD Zigbee Sensor Module x 3

  • Strain Gauge Probe connection Clip x 3 set

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Software Installation CD

WN128 Starter Set (set does not include strain gauges)

WN128 Development Kit

Our development kit supports to modify or change graphic interface and presentation method while using the same sensor module hardware. The PC based development kit enables users: 

  • Create own GUI or interface to own/existing system

  • Use of more than 3 sensors or different sensor types

  • Providing own communication type (i.e., MESH handling, different sensors binding method, data reporting timing/method –etc.)

  • Develop an expansion mechanism

WN128 development kit consists of roughly two parts, 1) ZigBee-Sensor hardware firmware (normally called lower layers) and, 2) the host application software (normally, called upper layers) as shown below.  The lower portion firmware must be used “AS IS” without modifications.  GreenVirtue offers two types of kit that allow users to alter the sample code according to users’ requirement. 

We believe one of these kits should fit into your application need. 

Two types of WN128 software development kit  


  • Development Kit #1 – Starter Set plus GUI section sample source code, which is similar to the Starter Set’s GUI but not exactly as WN128’s GUI will be provided.  The kit also comes with sufficient instruction and tips for the application level software modification and development.  With this kit, users can develop their own GUI/presentations.


  • Development Kit #2 – Development Kit #1 plus UART API section source code for the purpose of modifying the application-ZigBee hardware conduit link/communication.  Although WN128 has the ACAM’s PS021 strain transducer chip control protocol, this kit may allow users to use different types sensor by creating unique commands.  This case, users may use ACAM chip case command “Strain Gauge Command” as an example.


If users want to develop a new application, or modify the hardware related layers, please contact us.

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