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Energy Harvesting Evaluation Board

Although a certain energy generating mechanism must be associated with optimized input impedance, most of energy harvesting methods output constant output voltage.  This is because the evaluation board adjusts the output impedance to the input type for the typical required voltage. 
Our evaluation board, HG001, can connect all inputs simultaneously and adjust their input-output impedance automatically so that user does not need to select type of input mechanism.  For example, in the evening the solar energy generation is off while heat or/and vibration energy generation is on.  During daytime, all energy generations will contribute to store the energy.

Because HG001’s 24/7 energy generation guarantees sufficient energy is stored at any time selection of energy storage capacity and micro controller capability (or wireless type) can leave applications completely autonomous without maintenance.
The picture below shows HG001 is connected to a solar panel, vibration sensor and temperature sensor.  Also, brief spec for each sensor is described. 

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