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GreenVirtue offers the best products and service convenient for your applications and needs. 
Some of applications to be sold our online system are: 


  1. Wireless sensor development kit (HW and SW) for commercial and aerospace applications (see onboard wireless sensors below)

  2. High quality wireless video sender for HDTV applications

  3. High quality video camera/wireless perimeter monitoring system for security applications

Low Power Wireless.  

Wireless temperature, blood pressure, motion sensor design for senior citizen, (see human health monitoring below), battery-less or energy harvesting, MEMS, nano-material and composite (analysis tools are included) technologies will be included in our business.

Onboard Wireless Sensors

An airplane structure deformation and engine monitoring concepts using loading, temperature, strain, vibration, acceration sensors. 

Human Health Monitoring

Another application is monitoring our health using temperature, blood pressure, heat beat and other type of sensors. 

Technical Excellency

The significance of our business is: 

  • integration of available technologies i.e., sensors and the IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee) based flexible wireless MESH protocol

  • miniaturization

  • specialized sensor firmware development


Integration of sensor and wireless technologies: 
The sensor technology can be used for monitoring stress/strain, pressure, temperature and other environmental parameters.  The wireless technology uses off-the-shelf electronics components with an intelligent flexible controller, which may be or may not be supporting the current IEEE and/or ZigBee Alliance scope.  It is our intension to minimize the risks by reusing existing technologies and optimizing the systme for lower power consumption purpose.  To successfully integrate these technologies, GreenVirtue offers a team of subcontractor and consultants with extensive range of sensor and wireless experiences of more than 35 years.  

Because of our past experiences in developing the SDIO-WiFi card, the SDIO-ZigBee card for PDAs with ZigBee stack, and the wireless USB-ZigBee sensor system, we have accumulated enough know-how in integration of the wireless technology and sensors along with writing own firmware and the driver. Therefore, we are confident our job will be accomplished within limited time and budget. 

SDIO-ZigBee card for PDAs

Our sensor module consists of the sensor wireless RF chips and supporting circuits. Additional MCU and a flash memory can be used as an option.  The module can be battery operated or battery-less with use of a power generating method. 

Wireless Strain Sensor Module Schematic

Signal amplification, sampling, Analog to Digital conversion, and interface preparation can be performed inside the sensor chip or by an off-the-shelf external transducer.  Use of external MCU and EEPROM is optional depending on the performance and applications, and it will require a specially optimized firmware if there are multiple MCUs are existing in the module.  All necessary interface protocols are tailored and specially tuned for specific applications. 

For further information about selection of sensor types, integration method and challenging issues, please contact us.

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