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Wireless sensor and energy harvesting technologies provider

Flexible to fit anywhere with economical power and the lowest cost.

GreenVirtue is your premier consulting company specializing in wireless sensors, miniature and low power electronics prototyping. With our dedication to preserving our environment and our creative and competitive edge, we provide our customers with high-quality economical ideas. From aerospace to construction, or agriculture to health care, GreenVirtue caters to your needs and applications with the best and creative engineers in our field. We are committed to working diligently to meet every request and provide the best service to our customers and their requirements.

WN128-USB (top) & WN128-FD (bottom) 

With a team of subcontractors and consultants holding 35 years of experience, GreenVirtue provides the best service to our customers and pays very close attention to detail and instruction. Whatever requirements you have for the product you have in mind, we will ensure to deliver. We promise innovative, top-of-the line, and efficient products to you that you can even proudly put your name on it. We will give the most special care to your specifications as we are dedicated to you.

With an emphasis on making our world a cleaner environment and adhering to our customers’ specific needs, our products are the solution to wireless communication, lower power consumption electronics, battery-less and energy harvesting technologies, and contributing environmentally friendly industrial material. For example, using off-the-shelf strain gauges, our wireless strain health monitoring system WN128 series can measure and monitor your structures with great precision and flexibility with very little cost and energy. Also, our unique radio transceiver design to allow high quality and large data wireless communication without interference with lowest possible power. You can count on us to bring the best for you and the environment to the table. 

Our motto is “Green Environment is our Virtue, and keeping our virtue is our highest priority.” Society today is very concerned about the future of our Earth and our own livelihoods. GeeenVirtue promises to satisfy our customers and Earth with fast, effective and economical service. Every day we look forward to working with our valued customers, to aim beyond expectation, to step forward in a Greener tomorrow. 

Mobile Device Support

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